Our Philosophy

Lehner Lifttechnik GmbH wants to enable people with limited mobility to live a barrier-free life within their own four walls, as well as in public spaces.

We are an export-oriented and fast-growing family business based in Neukirchen am Walde in Austria.

For more than 30 years, we have been involved in the development and distribution of high-quality mobility products. Our extensive product range includes state-of-the-art platform and chair stairlifts, versatile vertical platform lifts, as well as various stairclimbers and a special solution for swimming pools.

Our sales team supports a network of partner companies who professionally install and maintain our customised stairlifts and lifting platforms on site. Together we have set ourselves the goal of constantly optimising the quality and affordability of our lifts in order to make life easier for as many people as possible.

Many years of experience, flexibility and the necessary "know how" give us the possibility to work out the best solutions even for the most difficult situations.

Max Lehner,

Our history


Brilliant idea

Company founder Max Lehner recognised autonomous stairclimbers for wheelchair users as a worldwide gap in the market. His solution to the problem: He adpated an existing model so that it can be operated independently - the STAIRMAX was born.


First international partner

On request of the stairclimber producer Sunwa Max travelled to Japan to present his product "Stairmax". Sunwa was amazed by Max's developement and wanted to market it globally.


Company foundation

Max Lehner founded the company Lehner Lifttechnik GmbH in January 1991. In order to protect his invention, he applied for a patent for the „Stairmax“ stairclimber in that year as well.


Significant meeting

At the "Medical Fair Brno" Max Lehner met the young aircraft engineer Antonin Machala. They understood each other right away, as they shared their interest for mobility products.


Start of the cooperation

The longterm cooperation between Lehner Lifttechnik and the company Altech begins. Antonin Machala starts production of the "Stairmax" stairclimber at his parents' farm.


Focus on platform stairlifts

The business partners began to focus on platform stairlifts. They refurbished used lifts and sold them together with individually manufactured rails. Their urge to develop an own platform stairlift grew bigger and bigger.


Launch of Omega

The "Omega"  was ready for series production. The special feature: All functions of the platform mechanism are operated with one motor. The idea came from grain binding machines in Max' childhood.


New lift, new location

With the vertical lift "Liftboy", the introduction of the next model followed. Due to the increasing production numbers, a new company site was purchased and production was moved there.


Expansion in Europe

The cooperation with partners all over Europe began - the first model of the stairlift "Omega" outside Austria was installed in Spain. The pool lift "Delphin" extended the range.


New headquaters

Lehner Lifttehnik - until then managed by Max Lehner in his home - acquired the current company location in Neukirchen am Walde.


Sons opt in

Christian and Hannes Lehner joined the company. Since then, they have been working on the further development of the company and the partnership with Altech. Another milestone: the installation of the 1000th system.


Growth course

Strong growth began with the development of further lift models such as "Alpin" and "Delta" as well as the the optimisation of existing lifts. Lehner Lifttechnik got established in the industry worldwide.


Own chair stairlift

After two years of development, the "Alpha" stair lift was introduced and became a bestseller within a very short time. The step towards becoming a full-range supplier had been taken.


New platform stairlift

The introduction of the "Stratos" - a further development of the successful "Delta" - was a great success. Its excellent price-performance ratio and easy installation convinced on the market.


Continuous development

Many development steps took place: More than 15 innovations at the "Alpha", introduction of the "Liftboy 3", expansion of the office as well as the construction of a new warehouse and a turnover of >25 million euros.


30,000 installed lifts

In 2021, Lehner Lifttechnik reached another milestone with 30,000 exported units. We now supply over 350 dealers in more than 65 countries around the world.


New vertical lift and 40,000 lifts sold

In 2022, we started selling our new vertical platformlift Sigma. At the end of the year, our sales team could celebrate the next milestone: 40,000 lifts sold.

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